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What are we doing to keep you (and us) safe?

First of all we want you to enjoy your stay with us and enjoy our hospitality.

We are positive that we can provide a warm welcome as we always do, whilst keeping you (and us) as safe as possible

The following is based on the UK Government guidelines and the UK Hospitality guidelines referred to therein

NOTE: Only two rooms will be occupied at any one time, each room being occupied by either an individual or couple from the same household / “social bubble.”

Check In/Check out

Please call us 10-15 minutes before arrival and we will meet you at our front door maintaining the social distancing.

Please do not touch the door or doorbell.

There will be a ready printed registration form for your signature. The pen and desk will be cleaned before and after you have checked in.

On request, we will carry your luggage to/from your room wearing disposable gloves.

Clean keys will be in the bedroom door lock. Please leave them in your room on departure

We accept payment by BACS in advance or card on departure. Receipts will be emailed to you if required.

Please use the Hand Sanitiser at the front door when you arrive and when you leave the premises

Public Areas

We ask you to use your judgement and common sense on social distancing when meeting us or other guests. At present we do not intend putting markers over our floors and carpets!

Masks should be worn in public areas in the house, except for when eating in the breakfast room and/or lounge.

Please enjoy the garden where we serve Afternoon Tea (weather permitting). If you have tea or want to sit in the garden, then the furniture will be cleaned before and after use.

All hard surfaces in the house will be cleaned daily following the current guidelines.

Soft Furnishings (e.g. cushions) will be quarantined after each use.


All surfaces, crockery and tumblers, will be cleaned before arrival and daily during your stay.

All duvets, pillows, cushions and complimentary items will have been quarantined and/or cleaned. Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases will be freshly laundered.

Bathroom floors will be steam cleaned daily.

Fresh towels will be provided each day during your stay.


Ordering Breakfast  (or Dinner if required) can be done by phone or whatsapp in advance, or in person in the morning.

The tables and serving food will be arranged to maintain social distancing


How do I change my breakfast time? You can phone or whatsapp us (number provided at check in).

What do I do if I feel ill at any time? If you suspect you have COVID-19 then you must return home immediately, self isolate, and seek advice from you own GP.

Will I meet other guests? We will have only one other room available during your stay, so you may meet a maximum of two other guests at a distance.

Will I be charged for late cancellation? No, you can cancel up to the day of arrival without charge. We will charge the full amount of the booking for a “no show”.

Will I be charged the full amount if I fall ill during my stay? No, we will just charge you for the nights you have stayed.

Do you provide hand sanitiser? Yes, in each public area and in each room.

Do you provide soap and tissues? Yes we make these available in each bedroom with our compliments.

Do I need to wear a face mask? Yes, a face mask must be worm in all public areas unless eating your afternoon tea or breakfast.

How do you protect your employees? There is just ourselves, plus a cleaner and a laundry lady who are self employed. We take their health and safety seriously whilst on our premises.We will be wearing a set of disposable gloves for each room area of the house we clean and wearing masks for dealing with soft furnishings and bedding. We will be sanitising our hands on a regular basis whilst cooking and serving meals. All laundry will be bagged before it leaves our premises.


Finally – Do enjoy yourselves and if you have any doubts or concerns, just talk to us so we can reassure you and take action where needed


This page is updated as and when new advice/guidance/legislation comes into force in the UK

Last update 30th December 2020


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